punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Poor Widget

Widget's sick. He's had this problem for a while that are common to a lot of Poms, in the fact he's losing patches of hair, mostly around his rear. We thought he might be licking it, but he wasn't. The breeder we got him from said this was an ailment common to Poms, and links proved it, and she gave suggestions, but we haven't been keeping up with them. But last night, Widget started aggressively licking around that area. We looked, and there was a lot of bleeding.

Widget's on the way to the vet as I type this. The symptoms, which I won't go into in case you're eating, pointed towards a common issue with teeny dogs like Widget when their anal glands go bad. So he's off to spend all day, and possibly all night, at the Vets for some treatments and perhaps minor surgery. They may have to remove the glands, which is okay, since they are superfluous to a dog that's already been fixed. It's pretty much assured he'll be fine after the ordeal. Of course, this costs money, which I don't really have, well, I did have, but not anymore. :(

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