punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A mommy is missing

I feel weird posting this, but it's pretty important. I used to work with a girl named Jen Schall, back when we both worked for an International Network Operations Center. She was a very nice and pleasant person, and a good coworker. My friend Sean, who also used to work the desk, got her a job there. I left, but she still stayed there, even when they dissolved the International Desk, and she went into domestic. She married another guy at our work, a man named Jeff, who in a previous job had trained me to handle customers on the phones. Heh. Small world.

Anyway, Jen and Jeff had a daughter, who is now 5. A few months ago, their house burned up in an electrical fire, and then have been living in stressful temporary conditions since then.

Last Friday, Jen dropped off their daughter at her parents on the way to work. She never made it to work, and hasn't been seen since. Jeff filed a missing persons report on Saturday, and has been understandably freaking out as each day goes by. No one has seen her, her car, or anything for days. We're all very worried. I don't have any online info at the moment, but I may post about her from time to time, if I hear anything.

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