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Some updates

Widget is fine. No surgery was required, and we left the vet's office with no new cats. He's on meds for the next two weeks, and then a followup next Friday. He's already looking better.

I have more info on Jen:
Jennifer Schall dropped her daughter off at her mother's house in Vienna, Virginia on Friday, March 5th, 2004. She left the house at approx. 10:40 am. The last phone call Jen made from her cell phone was at 12:54 PM and it was reported that she sounded like nothing was wrong and that she was in her car. She also made an appointment for Tuesday, March 9th to meet with a particular individual regarding reconstruction of their home (it burned up a few months ago). When Jen did not show up for work, her husband immediately began to worry. He filed a report with the Loudoun County Police Department that night.

Jen is 5' 7" and 30 years old. NO ONE HAS SEEN HER SINCE. She was last seen driving a 1996 BLACK 4-DOOR SATURN. The paint has gold flecks in it, although the gold only comes out in certain light angles. There is a crack on the top of the front window. The car has a Virginia license TAG: ZBA-1679, with Loudoun County inspection. For anonymous tips, send Email to: FindJenSchall@aol.com. Please, if you have ANY information, please call Loudoun County Police at: 703-777-1021

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