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New photos... and Jen found!

Thanks in part to Neal, I have more photos up. Neal's package of memories had a few copies of photos destroyed in the floods I used to have at a former address (1994). I also put up some more pictures of Christine and Ahfu.

Some highlights: Punkie lives with Bruce and Cheryl, during the EveCon 5 and CastleCon 1 days. Christine on the weekened we met and her last birthday, after being married 14 years. And lastly, the obligatory pet pic, Ahfu wearing antlers.

Oh, and great news! Jen has been found, and even better, alive! Maybe not well, but I was told no foul play entered into her disappearance or current condition. I don't have the facts about why she disappeared without telling anyone, including her own family, but I assume that's none of my business. I am just glad she's okay! Whew!

This week has been so heavy. Bobbie's death, Jen's disappearance, work troubles, equipment failure, my sinus headaches, and on top of all this, my son has gotten a massive skin infection, and has been sick for the last few days. We took him to the doctor, where he got diagnosed, and now he's on another medicine. Also, my internet connection suffered intermittent 25% packet loss, so browsing at home has been really, slow. Updating these pages has taken 2 hours.

I am like totally stressed out.

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