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I am woozy, hear me snore

Yesterday, I had to work from home because CR's infection spread, and now they think he's been misdiagnosed, so we have to send him to a specialist on Thursday. While I did work from home, I also used this opportunity to try and fix stuff that got broken, or was way behind in upkeeping.

On Monday night, I spent two hours trying to fix the table, but it didn't go very well. First, I couldn't find a scrap of wood the size I needed. I have a saw, but I don't have a work bench with clamps, so sawing large piece of wood was just not doable. Also, the carpenter's glue was missing. I ended up doing a bad hack job with deck screws, drywall screws, and the scraps of wood I did have. We have a table now, but it's really wobbly, and will probably fall down if someone bangs up against it. The trouble is the wood that makes up the support frame is a really cheap pine, almost like balsa wood, so it doesn't hold screws very well, and nails just wriggle free with the barest amount of movement. All this may be moot, because someone I know e-mailed me, hinting she had a "connection" somehow, and asked me to point out the closest thing to our table in a series of pictures. I say "connection" because she told me not to ask questions, which is why I'm not revealing her name. But to the mystery person, thank you! :)

Yesterday I replanted my tomato seedlings. Out of the 24 or so seeds I planted in those peat starter disks, 15 sprouted. I pulled them from their disks and put them in peat pots with starter soil. It's too early to fertilize them, but they look pretty healthy already. I started another batch, in case I ruin this first one. "It's too late," says Christine, but last year, I planted seeds in JUNE, and while most died, I got one good one that provided the seeds for this year. My holly did not even germinate, so to hell with them. The Catnip has done well, and Cambridge flowers are doing really well. Part of the problem with the flowers is that the seeds were so small, smaller than grains of sand, that I could only plant like a bunch at once, and every one of them sprouted, so each starter disk looks like a mini chia pet. I don't know how I am going to thin them out without tweezers.

I also decided to see if I could work on the plumbing, and I think I found the root cause of the leak. I think the washer hoses went bad, and they squirted down back into the wall. Removing them was really hard. The fasteners had corroded, and everything was in a small little alcove, so getting a wrench in there was really awkward. I ended up bruising my knuckles and my arm, but I did get them off. I also found out the cold water line had clogged with hard mineral deposits, which is probably what started the leaks in the first place. I am hoping that just replacing those hoses ($30) does the trick. The drywall damage is pretty bad, worse than I had suspected. I had to move the washer from the wall, and then I saw about the wall had been damaged about the size of my whole leg. The was also a puddle of goo under the washer that smelled like bug spray, and I think the stuff Orkin put in the walls to keep away the ants had all drained out. I had to scrape that foul-smelling stuff off the floor with a spatula.

To add to my streak of bad luck, while I was working from home, around noon I felt sick. By 1pm, I felt VERY sick, and I was overcome with the worst diarrhea I have had in a long time. And it smelled bad. Chokingly bad. I broke out in a fever, and I don't know how high it got because I couldn't find the thermometer, but I knew it was high, because I started to shake uncontrollably. By 2pm, I got my heating pad, and went to bed. The fever soared, and I shook and shook, because not matter what I did, I was freezing. My eyes started seeing everything in reds and blues, which made watching reruns of Perry Mason (I swear, I still love that show, even though it's like 50 years old) on the Hallmark Channel interesting. By about 3:30, I passed out, and never did find out who killed that guy who swindled money from his company, and then got murdered. Was it the alcoholic daughter of the owner? Was it the guy who was framed, and released? How about the company owner himself, whom we saw wipe fingerprints from the gun before he falsely reported the man committed suicide? I'll never know. I slept for maybe about two hours, and woke up around 6-ish, feeling a little better. All I kept thinking was, "I can't be sick, I won't be sick..."

Later on, I felt much better, leaving me wondering what the hell happened. I didn't think I had food poisoning, because I was never even slightly nauseous, and I have had several bouts of food poisoning in my life, and they were much worse. Christine, the night before, had gotten so sick, she threw up several times, but felt well enough to go to work the next morning. I figured I got what she had, but my stomach reacted to it differently. Sean came by and cheered me up, but after he left, the waves of fever took over me again. By about 11pm, I was chattering, I felt so cold. My fever was racing out of control, and I turned the heating pad back on, tossed on a few blankets, and fell into a thick sleep. I woke up this morning feeling tons better, but exhausted, like I had been beaten up. I am still very sleepy, exhausted, and my stomach isn't well, but I am not feverish, and I hope this goes away so I'll stop feeling woozy, or they'll find me asleep, snoring away at my desk.

I better feel more perky, because I still have to clean my house for the upcoming party this weekend.

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