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Damage control

So, I managed to spend a lot of time yesterday cleaning and repairing things. The toilet in the guest bathroom is breaking now (the tank is cracked and leaking). But I think we can limp with it for a few more days. I hope it doesn't break during the party today. We had been planning this Rocky Horror Party/Swap Meet for months. We couldn't cancel it, but honestly, I don't feel like much like partying. But I don't want to let down 20 people.

The leaking washer is fixed, the circuits in the guest room have been fixed, and I have light again in the laundry room. Another good friend heard about my Linux box woes, and will be getting me some parts to rebuild it, although not for a few weeks.

I woke up late this morning with a bad sinus headache. In all this chaos, I forgot to get my perscriptions refilled, so now I have a sinus headache with a blood pressure headache and migraines. In some weird, sick way, this is keeping my mind off of things.

I got "Unreal Tournment 2004" in a fit of "I have to fight something," and it must have been destined for me to do so because everyone's out of it, apparently. But the Best Buy I went to had one left in the back, and not only that, they price was $10 less than online, and not only that, I got a discount at the register, so I got it new for $20. The thing has *six* CDs! Reminds me of those old computer games with five or six of those old big 5.25" floppies you had to keep swapping.

You have returned to the Cavern of Rhydel!
Please insert disk 3 to continue... [brrrp brr brr brrrp...]
.... you have encountered the dragon of Rhydel, do you wish to speak to him (Y/N)?
... [brrrp brr brr brrrp...]
Please insert disk 4 to continue...

Thankfully, you don't have to swap 6 CDs, because 5 of them are install only, and 1 is the play CD. But it took an hour and a half from Install beginning to actually playing it (with one reboot for Direct X).

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