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Michael Rennie was ill, The Day the Earth Stood Still...

Last night was our Rocky Horror party, and it went pretty well. A lot of people attended (I'd say about 15), but I forgot to take many pictures, and the ones I took were of pretty much the same people as I always take. Sean took more pictures, but he rarely sends them to me (hint hint). Denise won the prize for the best costume, and she dressed like Columbia. Sean dressed as Brad, and we had a few people in boostiers, but not really costumes per se. The DVD went wonky on us in several parts, and I think my DVD player is just really fussy, because this problem is getting worse and worse as time goes by.

The Swap meet part of it, if there was a prize, Mark Mandolia would have won because I think most of his stuff went pretty quickly. Because of this, I will forgive him for leaving the rest. :) Sean and Lou still have to pick up their clothing and fabric, though...

I got a new table. Thank you, April! :)

I am awating contact with a new computer, but my old Linux box is still working... sort of, so the rush is not like my table (which, despite the patch job I did, is falling apart because people put all the swap meet stuff on top of it, and it's leaning badly this morning). I got the noise to stop by replacing one of the fans, and another just needed to be pulled out, slapped, and put back in. In my Seti array, I only lost one machine, and that was my AMD K5/133, so ... big deal.

I ended up staying up until 3am when I just couldn't be awake anymore. I think people stayed up until 4 or 5 am. I had a really good time, and most people cleaned up after themselves, so cleanup was pretty easy this morning. A bonus! Although, truthfully? Most of my friends clean up after themselves, it's just that this time was even more than usual.

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