punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Last minute panics...

Well, yesterday was like a blur. I spent most of it cleaning up the house, doing clothes, and preparing for my trip, all while working remotely from home. There was a massive server crash, and I had to walk a guy through repairing it, which was ironic because my new computer parts came in! Way earlier than I would have expected...

The person we thought would house sit has vanished, and so we're scrambling to get another house sitter. It now looks like Rogue will house sit, which is awesome, because she's lived with us before, and we know she won't run away, screaming. I hope. She gets to borrow our car because she's a former Saturn owner, and very reliable driver, and doesn't have a car, currently. So it works out for everyone.

Man... thank God for my friends. Thank you thank you thank you...

Oh, and to add to the list of bad things happening? Our bed broke. The center support bar snapped like a twig. Now when I get back, I'll have to buy a new bed. [sigh...]

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