punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

One for the black notebook: South of the Border.

Okay, I had heard of South of the Border offhandedly while travelling through Hatteras, but it never crossed my mind until last week's road trip, where we stayed. Tacky, slightly insulting stereotypical Mexi-kitch. When I spoke to Rogue on the phone while we were there, she was like, "Oh my GOD! I have been there! So tacky!" In fact, a lot of people I have spoken to allude to having at least traveled through it.

Then today, I was speaking with Sean, and it turns out last weekend he was at a wedding in South Carolina, and they stopped off at SOB to entertain their kids. Like 24 hours after I had left. I didn't even know Sean was in town. Then I'm reading this book in my guestroom I had been meaning to get to (I got it in Hatteras about three years ago), and in some offhanded trivia comment, they mention, you guessed it, SOB.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, with everything happening recently, I asked my boss for a week off. I have been at my company for a while now, and accrue 4 weeks of vacation a year, which is spiffy! Last year, I didn't take a week, and it rolled over. So now this year I have 5 weeks. I feel so European! Ooh la LA! So next week, I am taking a sanity vacation. Sean says he's going to kidnap me, and his wife, and go to Fantasm after all because, if anything, he's avoiding Easter Dinner with his father and sister. He's probably kidding, but you never know with Sean.

We'll probably end up at SOB at this rate. Mi vida es muy extrana, no?

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