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OpenBSD - Great How-to Setup

I found this via Madpenguin on Distrowatch:
OpenBSD - For Your Eyes Only

Great... now I got that friggin' James Bond song stuck in my head...... anyway, this article had some tips even I didn't know, and I think is a great way to get introduced to OpenBSD, one of the MOST secure operating systems out of the box I have ever seen. Of course, nothing is foolproof, but OpenBSD is great for those installs where you might have to put a box in an insecure environment (e.g., connected directly to the Internet), and requires only common sense practices (like make your password real hard to guess or hammer, use root as little as possible) and some minor tweaking (disable root logins directly, only via su and wheel, etc.). This article also has some helpful tweaks that make OpenBSD a bit brighter.

When logging in as root, I'm always asked this question:

     Terminal type? [vt220]

This gets tiresome after awhile. The cure is as follows: if you log in with the C shell (csh), edit the hidden file /root/.login and comment out these two lines:

     #set tterm='?'$TERM
     #eval `tset -s -Q $tterm`

If you use the Bash shell, edit file /root/.profile and comment out these three lines:

     #if [ -x /usr/bin/tset ]; then
     # eval `/usr/bin/tset -sQ \?$TERM`

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