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Happy Ressurection of Bunny Jellybeans

"Hellboy" was pretty good. I had read part of the comic book series a while ago, at some con, while stuck in someone's hotel room (one of those, "Stay here, I'll be back... [hour goes by] "...whoops! Sorry that took so long!" kind of things). I am not a real fan of comics, and it's not their fault, really. I just read, really, really fast, so I can read most standard comics in about 10-15 minutes (depending on complexity), and that's not worth the $1.35 I paid for it.

"Punkie," said Rogue. "They are $3-4 now!"

Okay, then they are REALLY not worth it. That would cost me about $12-16/hour for entertainment, and I can do better with a paperback.

But the movie was good, because while it didn't have any real surprises, it wasn't entirely predictable, either. Very Lovecraft-ian in nature, which always scores points with me.

Oh, and Happy Easter, everybody! I am not spending this Easter following the old lady in the front pew to "do what she does" (Catholic friends of mine know what I am talking about), but I am spending it at Nate's birthday party at his parent's house. That's cool, because Nate's mom and dad are pretty nice people, and I always enjoy their company.

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