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Vacation - Day 4

I have now been away for 4 days. When I first arrived, I tore down some bamboo and frond leaves and build a small lean-to to protect against the rain. I dug some deep holes in the ground and covered them with wet leaves to keep the contents cool. Here I preserve the food I have hunted and collected. I am surrounded by nature's bounty. I have hunted a few animals already with a spear I made from some sharpened sticks which I hardened with fire. Fishing has proven difficult, but already I have taken down two wild pigs and several birds. I think I can live here fine for the next few days.

I'm pissing off the staff at the National Zoo, though.


Seriously, the last few days I have been doing a lot of swapping parts out of computers. I had started to collect a lot of hardware that "only works in Windows 98," like my webcam and Sound Blaster Live Platinum, for instance. So I decided to make one of my systems a Win98 box. I hadn't set up a Win98 box in a looong time, so I wasn't used to all this rebooting and crashing. Yeesh.

I have built the new table. It took a LOT longer than I expected, because one of the legs was drilled improperly (not deep enough and off center), and so I had to re-drill it to get it to fit. Now I am in the process of taking the old table apart. Christine has said she's going to put a tablecloth on this one, and I think that's a smart idea.

It has been POURING rain for the last few days. Today, it came down in buckets. I was going to walk to the store and buy a copy of "Kill Bill: Vol 1," but I don't want to get soaked in a cold rain. Maybe later. They said the rain would end tomorrow, but then it gets cold. I still can't plant my tomatoes, because they still predict dips in the mid 30s later in the week.

April showers bring May flowers...

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