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Flipping to a hunch

There are these "writing exercises," or "memes" as some are calling them, that I have seen going around the blogs that say "take the book closest to you, flip to page 23, and type the fifth sentence."


The first book I found had only diagrams on page 23. The next was a magazine, so I guess that counts:

"Normally, I despised hunches and had always denied their validity -- to my mind, an intuition was no more than the product of an analytical process that took place in the mind's dark back rooms."

Pretty intriguing.

I would honestly say that a lot of my "hunches" were similar, but paid off quite well. A hefty bout of cynicism and "too good to be true" have always saved me from some pretty tight spots.

Christine used to work for a terrible employer. It was an insurance group run by the owner's son, Bill, who was a cruel and terrible tyrant. He was one of those guys who was pretty flamboyant about how much better we was than others, enjoyed making employees cry, and often drove away customers. In less than two years, he went through 109 employees in a company that held, at most, 30 at any given time. At two years, Christine was one of the few "old timers" left. She came home almost every night, hating life, because of the horrible treatment she constantly got. Because she was an "old timer," she was always doing all the paperwork of the recently quit and/or fired. She became pretty important at the company, and for a while, was one of the few people who really knew how to get things done. But she was so unhappy there, when a job opened up at another company, she leaped for it, and gave her two weeks notice. Bill's first response was, "Good! You don't do anything useful anyway!" Of course, when a week went by, he said, "Er... um... actually, it seems you did a lot. Please stay. I'll offer you what the other company is paying you, and give you a company car. A new Lexus, and you choose the model." We were very poor at the time, and that was SO tempting, and Bill knew it. He was using our insecurity to try and tempt Christine back. Our car was always breaking down, I was still unemployed, and money was so bad. But Christine was so miserable there, and I smelled a rat, so she declined. Bill said she'd be back.

Well, she didn't go back, and it turns out, when Bill gave this offer to another employee, he screwed them over. He ended up forcing them to pay for the car, and it got cut from their pay, and... well, he screwed her over pretty bad.

One day, I had this really strong urge to not go to school. I mean, sometimes I felt like I didn't want to go like every other kid, but this was different. I figured it was a test I was nervous about. I patronized myself all morning for being foolish, but by the end of the day, I was in a hospital where I would stay for the next three months. I don't want to talk about why yet (no, not the neck injury), but let's just say I got REAL serious about following "hunches" after that (although, come to think of it, if I had stayed at home, I would have gotten injured later anyway... "bullies" are like that).

Oddly enough, I have this "hunch" that things will get better. I mean, I feel like the bed luck spell is finally over, and this felt right after the new table was finally finished. I think this year will turn out pretty well, if only because it started so badly.

Then again, as the joke goes, "Somehow, I always knew I'd never be psychic..."

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