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Writing ideas that go nowhere, and thus, so go my days...

My hard drive has tons of snippets of characters, short stories, and beginnings with no middles or ends, a lot of middle material, and... well, a cluster of ideas. I hate that. My brain does this too.

Today, I had this brilliant idea of a world after judgement day. You know, the Book of revelations stuff. God takes all the Christians home, and wipes out everyone else. Or something. I really don't know, because I didn't grow up with the Bible. I started to do research online about the end of the world, but it probably surprises no one that I met more hysterical sites than any good basic timeline of events. So I gave up. I was going to do a story about what the world's like afterwards. And it's kind of weird, but it turns out that with Christians gone, things work out pretty well. Then I thought of how offensive that was, and by then, I grew tired of the work this was causing.

I am so lazy.

Anyway, saw "Kill Bill: Vol 2." It was awesome as described. Not so much chophockey, but a lot of plot twists and turns, and points that make you go, "Oh... I see!" Some funny points, too. Less homage to old chophockey, but more to Film Noir and westerns.

The theater experience was odd. First, we went to see the 4:30 showing, and we arrived early, predicting crowds. There were no crowds. But the theater seemed terribly understaffed for the few of us that were there. It took them 5 minutes to fill our simple order of 2 bottled waters and 3 frozen drinks. Next, there was no ticket man, usher, or whatever you call the person who tears up the tickets. People were just passing through, so we did as well. There was more than one screen showing KB2, so we went in the first one, and it was still playing. We went in the second one, and it wasn't. But its started early, like 4:10, which, you know, hey... why complain? Obviously we were at the wrong screen, but it never filled up, so we saw the film 20 minutes early.

During this time, my new phone, whose number I haven't even given out yet, rang several times. I had it on "Etiquette mode," which is "no sound, vibrate on ring only," so it was only annoying to me. All the phone numbers came from the same number: 604-550-7000. That number seemed familiar, and that's when I remembered that area code from that weird guy in Canada. I picked it up on the next call, and was met by silence in the form of blank static. You know, like just after you dial a number and before it rings on the other side. Was it a friend of someone who previously owned my new number? Oh, no, not for Tyrone! AAAUUGGGHHH!!

No, it wasn't. Apparently, this is bit of a mystery, since a lot of people have gotten the same phone call. Maybe it's a hacker. Maybe it's some bad telco switch program somewhere. Back in telecom, we used to hear stories of old gas pumps that used to be connected to a phone to auto-dial a computer to register when they are near empty or need service. Over the years, they switched to a better system, but some systems didn't get switched over, so they keep dialing out. Over the years, people inherit these numbers, and get mysterious rings in the middle of the night... and no one responds. Great.

After I answered the phone (I only got the dead static), the calls ceased. Maybe the spy realized Tyrone is not in my pants. :)

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