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Ask directions? No, I prefer to drive around like an idiot for 5 hours...

Well, it turns out that the reason Christine's childhood friend never showed up was her dumbass husband thought of "a shortcut" to our house, which got them lost for 5 hours. Five hours. He refused to ask for directions, and refused to let her call us to tell us, because he feared she would ask for directions. Like his wife was going to "sabotage the process" or something. She finally did call us when she got back home, angry beyond all words because of what she went through. See, the major reason she was coming here from West Virginia to begin with is that they needed to "learn how to get here" because they are going to a concert near here in a month or so. So her husband screwed that up for them as well.

I'm not a "man's man," I admit. If I am lost, and it's apparent I am lost, I ask for directions. That's one good way to get un-lost. I'd only drive around randomly if I couldn't ask anyone, and I needed to test where I am going. Any advice when I am lost is always appreciated. I realize I have been wrong many times in my life, and will still have moments I *swear* I am right, only to be proven otherwise by, you know, REALITY! I have been in car trips where the directions given to me don't match what I see, and then I get totally lost. Northern Virginia is FULL of double-names, unlabeled streets, non-sequential address numbers, random street name changes, and cute little horseshoe-shaped suburban roads where there are two entrances to the left with the same name. I have given and been given well-meaning directions, only to miscount stoplights, or forget a second entrance, or lived on weird side roads that were parallel to the main road, only separated by a median. But when I'm lost, I call, or go to a gas station, or something!


Today, I was in Baltimore with some friends. We were helping out with someone's networking problems, and then we all went to dinner at Pizzeria Unos in Harbor Place. It was nice. We ate outdoors as the sun was setting across the inner harbor, and we had a great view of all the scenery from the World Trade Center on our left to the USS Constellation to our right. There was a cool breeze, warm setting sun, it was awesome.

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