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Another warning shot across the bow of HMS Tech Career

Today, I was back at work for the first time in a week, and good thing, because it seems not many people did anything while I was gone. Later I found out that there's another layoff scare, probably real, for next week. Which means work won't get done, really, until people know who gets the axe. Some of my coworkers are running around saying, "We're done, we're toast, that's it, we'll be laid off." Apparently, there have been stronger signs than normal of this. I am not sure what they mean, but here's the latest rounds of rumors.

First, they had a party on the Friday I was gone, "as a last hurrah," according to some who said some bigwig had put it that way. Those could be just made up. Second, they suddenly started this huge campaign to put all of our code on a CVS system "in case something happens," but how they are going about it is very weird. Like they are essentially saying, "drop everything, document all your code, and have it in a public share that everyone can access by Friday." This is the scariest part, as a programmer. Last time I did this, my job got outsourced to Tucson. The third is that suddenly we have a lot of foreign people starting to work with us, like from India and Russia, but I am not sure if they are Americans who happen to have these cultural backgrounds, or foreigners learning what we do so it can be sent overseas. Not in my group, but in other groups at our level. And the last one is a huge, mandatory "all hands meeting" next week. So, all together, I am assuming a huge axe will fall around next Monday, and the meeting will be discussing the latest "reassignment" stuff. Now, I have a ton of work in progress, and I haven't had anyone force me to share it, and the projects keep coming. I have been through bigger layoffs before, and came through okay. Then again, I have been laid off three times through three different companies, all because someone elsewhere could do it cheaper. The only satisfaction I ever get is retrospect that what they did was dumb, and they did indeed suffer for their brainless cost-cutting which hammered in the quote, "Penny wise, pound foolish."

Of course, that is little satisfaction in the short term. I mean, we have a plan if one of us loses our job. But I don't like the thought of selling off everything and moving out into the middle of nowhere. Plus we lose health insurance. And CR won't go to a good school. And so on.

Fucktoads. If there's anything I would love in this world, it would be working at a job I feel is directly tied to my ability to do good work. Good work = good pay. Not anymore. No wonder people slack off so much, good work is rarely rewarded. Add to this our shrinking civil liberties, it's like all those stories I heard about living in the Soviet Union. Soon we'll have breadlines and internment camps in North Dakota.

Gah, I am so stressed. Part of the uneasiness is just not knowing. Like you hear the drums of the warring tribe through the jungle, but you dont know where they are, how close they are, who's going to die in the next fight, whether it will be you, or if no attack will be made at all. I may be worrying over nothing.

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