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TGI.... (looks at watch)... S.

My book has NOT been coming along, mostly due to that last month of stress back there. This will throw off my schedule completely. Part of me was thinking, "Well, if I get laid off on Monday, at least I can have a lot of free time to do the book." My last unemployment resulted in my first (and currently only) published book. But being poor sucked, man.

Ahfu had to go to the vet because his shots were out of date, and I needed them in date to renew his license. He also needed a checkup. He's great, healthy, and still loves car rides. Still hates getting the blood drawn, but they know now to distract him with food. Hard to believe that Ahfu is 5 already. I still remember the day we adopted his sorry butt from his previous owners. Cute bundle of fluff who needed a bath soooo bad...

Those vets love us, BTW. They REALLY loved us when we got Widget. When Widget had to be there for his surgery last month, while he was recovering, the staff there took turns carrying him around because he's so damn cute, and only 4.5 pounds. Ahfu is 17 pounds, which seems funny when you tell people, "My Pekingese is almost 4 times the weight of my other dog..."

Our George Foreman grill died. I was a bit bummed. Christine was cooking with it a few days ago, and she said it suddenly just winked off and stopped cooking. When we got this thing 3 years ago, I thought it was destined for the appliance graveyard, but it turned out we used it a LOT. So I guess it was worth the $99 for three years of moderate use. The non-stick coating never came off, and when it worked, it cooked both sides of whatever meat you had there fairly quickly without making it too dry. Great for burgers, steaks, chops, and good for thawing, too. The huge metal surface wicks away cold, so if you have frozen steak, leave it in contact with the metal for a few hours, and it's completely defrosted (you can also pull this trick with an iron skillet or any other large metal object) by the time you're ready to cook it.

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