punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

So far, I still have a job

I am happy to report the meeting I just attended was terribly, excruciatingly boring. It was so boring, it was painful. But, I still have a job, no one got laid off in our group, and... well, I think it's over. But I have watched enough monster movies to still worry about the dead corpse to rise out at the camera when the protagonists kiss... so I haven't tossed away my gun.

God smiled on me today, because after 7 hours of sitting in a very uncomfortable chair, in a very face-scraping version of boring "look at me" lectures by people who were better suited reading bus schedules, and looking for 4 more hours of this, my boss ran up to me and went "there's been a power outage back in the building, you have to go!" Okay, really, he said, "Uh... why didn't the reports run? I heard there was a power outage, and now I can't ping the servers..." and I went, "I'LL GO!!!!!!!!"

I am happy to still be employed, as you can see. And the power outage, while severe, and it did crash several systems, I have a lot of backup stuff that always runs, so my own paranoia mader this a smoooooth reason to escape.

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