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Mother's Day

Finally... I totally aced a Perl project at work, pumped myself full of coffee, and I am now listening to a techno-bluegrass group named Rednex. I am in a good mood for the first time in a while. Of course, I know that means something really horrible will happen soon, but I figure that's God's gift for a reprieve before a big storm, and I'd better take it while the gettin's good.

Mother's day is coming up. Well, I don't have a mom, so that makes things a bit easier so I can focus on Christine. Like about a bajillion other kids, Mother's day for me was a combination of a school art project and then taking mom out to brunch. In my case, it also had the caveat of "if she was sober, and my father was speaking to her." I don't remember mother's days too much, but since it's in May, we probably spent it on that damn yacht. Christine's mother died in 1998, so she doesn't have any worries about Sunday as well. So it's all about Christine, which she deserves because out of the two of us, she's the better parent.

Since we have no spare money at the moment, I am forced to be creative on what to do. I wonder what I'll come up with? We don't have money to spare, so gifts, flowers, or restaurant are right out. I do the housework, so that wouldn't be any different. She's not fond of breakfast in bed. The essential core to this is to celebrate the fact that she is an awesome mother, so whatever I do should reflect that.

In other news, Fran and Debbie are excellent house guests. We had our first dinner on the new table (thanks again, April A), and due to the types of meals we have cooked, what little cash we had left was stretched to cover 5 people several meals through the end of the week. Fran's very tired, of course, and stays on the rec room couch most of the time, watching daytime soaps and judge shows on the big screen TV. He's been telling us about living in the nursing home, where he was probably the youngest person there, and how often he saw people die around him in the scant few weeks he stayed there. CR gets time to spend with Uncle Fran, which is good he gets to know Fran before ... well, you know. I worry about him because it's really cold down there, and his immune system is almost nonexistent. Debbie's also got a severe ENT infection, which worries be not just for Fran, but because CR and I are VERY susceptible to any lung infection, what with our asthma, CR more than I. On top of that, a lot of my coworkers are out with a NASTY bug or two; one that is lung related, one that is stomach related. But so far, so good. [knock on head]

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