punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Update on new Virginmobile phone...

The phone has been okay. Reception is a bit spotty in some areas, the sound is kind of tinny, but it's acceptable for the price I paid for the phone.

My new phone now gets more calls than my old number did. They aren't nearly as annoying, thank goodness, but once the 550-7000 number abruptly stopped, I still get about 2-3 calls a week for someone who I think was from the Middle East. Luckily, whomever this person was doesn't seem to have the past like Tyrone had. Most of the calls pause for a second, then hang up. A few of them are from some physical therapy clinic reminding him of his next appointment. A few of have mentioned his name (the clinic has a girl who probably reads from a memorized script, she doesn't even register that I said, "Hello, this is Grig..." before going on with the spiel about when his next appointment is), but his name is this long Hindu or Arabic name I can never remember it.

My ringtone for all unknown callers is the spooky title soundtrack from the movie, "Halloween." Heh.

I keep thinking I should be mad, because I pay 25 cents for that call, but I have made so few calls, that if I don't spend at least $20 every 90 days, my phone gets cut off. So far I have spent $11, and $8 of that is in ringtones.

Maybe I should get more advice from Spongebob...

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