punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Lazy Saturday

Christine drove Debbie and Fran back home to West Virginia, turned right around, and came back. She was gone about 7 hours.

While she was gone, I planted the tomatoes. To hell with the Cicadas, which, despite many articles on them, have yet to show around here. Maybe they're late. Maybe they all died due to all the construction digging them up. I looked for them, but I haven't seen one brown skin. Maybe next week I'll be sorry I wondered where they were. Sean Lou and their kids came over, and we talked about Vegas, money, and jobs. When they left, I gave them two extra tomato plants. I still have a few left, which I'll probably give to a guy at work who expressed interest in them.

I also fixed my OpenBSD NAT in the guest room. Turns out I didn't have the NAT part uncommented, and my internal_ip had the wrong subnet listed.

I also got the hose hooked up, and looked at the A/C again. I called the repair guy, and left a message on his machine. Then I cleaned off most of this algae which has started to grow onto the side of our house. I know there's some kind of "Vinyl siding washing soap" you can buy to get rid of it, but I had a house brush with hooks up to the hose, and that got rid of most of it. Still, I should wash the house, it's getting a wee bit grimy. I have been washing it every year, but not properly.

I then played Sim City 4 for a while, and got a thriving town started. Sim City 4 usually kicks my ass. It's a lot more complicated that the other Sim Cities. Well, I did really well for a while, and then for some reason, people left in droves, my revenue went down, I had to cut costs, and then I just ended in a death spiral where half my city was burning and most people were left without power. Suckage.

By then, Christine and CR were back. Just as well.

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