August 14th, 2005

South Park Grig - Blank

Hot Party

We had what was supposed to be a drinking party last night, but it didn't go as well as we would have hoped. No, no one got drunk or hurt, no fights broke out... it was just too damn hot in our house.

The biggest failure in the chain was our AC died. Well, not died, but our AC is so weak, that it does about 50% of the cooling it should do. On Monday, we're calling our AC people, and have them look at it. But it made the upstairs, the party area, almost unbearably hot. We had four fans running, buckets of ice everywhere, and it was so hot, we all became sleepy and a bit stupid. No one wanted to drink, no one wanted to party, and it was hard to hear anyone over the roar of all the fans blowing warm, stale air everywhere.

The second is I got paged for work. A bad DNS issue, as found out by one of our customers who is a very famous, technically minded person. I won't say who, but let's just say all geeks everywhere know his name, and probably have known it since the 1980s. When I saw the e-mail address in the ticket queue, I thought, "Surely, not THE [famous name]?" Yeah, it was him, along with technical details that showed he did his homework. Test traceroutes, DNS listings... the whole thing. In fact, it was his attention to detail that helped us... okay, me... pinpoint the problem. It took me a while to diagnose the problem, then trace where it was in our systems, and then fix the DNS, and wait for the push to make it to all the major DNS servers out there. If this certain famous person had not found this issue, we would have had ... weeks, I'd say, of people with very odd complaints of sporadically not getting mail. And we would have wondered about these seemingly random issues that would have been like small fires that just kept popping up. So thank you, famous technical person, for your insight and proof. And for the opportunity to learn more about BIND in the process.

The third is that I am still recovering from being sick. I am so fucking tired. So tired, you have no idea. My stomach is weak, my head aches, and it's so hard to concentrate. Thus, I am prone to bouts of being crabby.

People came, people stayed, people sweated, people left. Originally there was going to be a crew of people who were going to stay the night, and then participate in a "hangover breakfast," followed by a viewing of "Skeleton Key." Only two of those people stayed. A few joined up later for the movie, whereas I stayed home, trying to sleep. Tony kept stepping in my ear and purring. If I slept through that, he'd knead my face. The house is hot, heavy, stale, and my asthma is making it worse. I need cold, dry air, whereas the best I can do is barely cool, moist air that feels like it is thick with pollen and smog.

Missie and I watched most of the first season of "The Muppet Show," on DVD today while the others were out, and currently, a bunch of friends are doing bellydance workout downstairs, as taught by aynne_witch. I got paged again out of a nap because a managed box we have with another customer keeps rebooting.

I am sooo tired.