punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

On the road to recovery

This ENT thing has totally kicked me in the ass. I went to the doctor's yesterday, and while he didn't think it was bronchitis, he did say I was pretty sick and gave me anti-biotics. I have always had a poor resistance to ENT infections, and I am not sure why. Thank God I an not allergic to penicillin. I decided to stay home from work today so I could get better, and I don't want to sneeze and hack lung butter over my coworkers. Blecch.

Balticon is coming up, and I am trying to prepare for it as best I can. They sent all the program participants a letter saying they were trying something new with programming this year, so I am kind of curious how this will pan out. Basically they asked us all, "What do YOU want to see?" because a lot of sci fi cons are reporting lower and lower panel attendance as the years go by. From the list I got, I think only about 6 of us (myself included) gave them suggestions. I think they should find some way to ask fen, "What do YOU want to see?" Christine is running night ops, and has been speaking with the new con chair, Dale, about new ideas. One of the problems was registration, which seems to always be a problem at Balticon, but one of the big issues was how early they shut down, and thus, late coming fen without badges were wandering around in the lobby, annoying the hotel. Now night ops will issue temp badges that can be turned in for real badges the next morning. Christine will also be showing some of her art, if they have space left available.

Also, I am really, really starting to be bummed out there is no Castlecon this year. Or anymore. I saw two FanTek pals this weekend, and I got kind of a deep sigh build up in my chest. I'm still glad Bruce and Cheryl ended it before it ended them, and I am not ever going to wish for it to come back... but I miss it all the same. Cheryl has recently seemed to be in much better spirits, and I think this has been good for them.

My comments sections are starting to get spam. I got a huge load of Viagra spam on some of my older entries a few days ago, so I am thinking about shutting down comment ability on older posts. [sigh] I hate spammers.

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