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Life improves

I keep saying it is by will alone I made it to work today. I am only *at* work because I feel slightly less lousy than yesterday, and hope to feel even better later today. Hey, it could happen! The biggest problem is that one of the side-effects I get from antibiotics is slight dizziness and profuse sweating, and add that to my clogged head, and I am feeling really out of sorts. I glad to see that so far, nothing has gone terribly awry in my absence, which means my automation thingees are working very well, and I don't have run around fixing crap like I used to.

There is actually good news in my life. The first bit is a friend of mine who just went to a non-US friendly country (that shall remain nameless) returned safely. She was only there for two weeks, but things are not so stable where she went, if you get my drift. I was worried sick about her, and now she's home and safe and actually had a good time. The second bit of good news is Christine got a raise! The first in 4 years! And it's was significant, too, almost 10%. This will really help curb our longer term money woes.

Christine also went to the Balticon meeting yesterday, which she was not aware was a "meet the hotel" sort of meeting until she got there. It was her, and four other BSFS members meeting with 7 hotel staff, including head of hotel security. Christine has now officially run more con-realted things than I have. She's running night ops through Saturday night, and Sara is running it Sunday night (due to work and dog-sitting issues, we can only stay Fri-Sun). She got a copy of the hotel contract, and this is the first one I have actually seen. The Balticon contract was also there, so we knew what we were entitled to. Christine keeps thinking, "What am I doing with this? How did I get into such an important job? What if they discover I'm a fraud?" What I keep telling her is, "No one really knows what they are doing. We all just make it up as we go along. Your strength is common sense, which is why FanTek, Katsucon, and Balticon trust you so much in charge."

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