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Punkie Scary's Busy, Busy Weekend

Remember Ed Sullivan? There always used to be an act where there were people plate spinning, and they played this circus-like music while a team of two people kept all the plates spinning on poles, trying not to have a plate fall down and crash. That music is playing in my head right now.

Apparently, going back to work yesterday was a bad idea. I got sick again, and my fever was so out of control, I was shivering, then sweating, then hot, then cold... I took some Tylenol and that helped, but it kept me awake until 5am. So I didn't go to work today, and stayed in bed until just a few hours ago. I feel a LOT better, but I am still woozy and out of it. On top of this, I think I have some kind of infected splinter or something jammed under a tooth on in the gums on the "good side" of my mouth. My "good side" is so called because the right side of my mouth had some of the molars smashed out after bad dental work, which got infected, requiring two root canals, then after I spent $$$ to get that fixed, I was struck in the face by a guy carrying a ladder as I was exiting an elevator, smashing all the repair work. All within a few months of each other in 1996. So, I have a horrible, jagged gap in my right side, which means my left side is the one that does most of the chewing. Yes, I could get bridgework, and when I win the Lottery to pay the $3000 (and that's after the insurance) needed to reconstruct that side of my mouth, I'll let you know. Oh, and it's behind the line of $3000 for a basic set of hearing aids so I stop going "what?" all the time. Right now, I hope the dentist visit is "only" a few hundred dollars, because it's very painful to chew anything at this point. I don't think it's a cavity, because the pain goes to zero if I don't chew for a few hours, and it's not affected at all by hot or cold.

Tomorrow is one of those "triple zero days," as I like to call it for some reason. No, not because of some new-age biorhythm bad luck triple-line cross thing, no, it's my name for those days when everyone schedules an event you want to go to. Like tomorrow is the first post-Katsucon staff meeting. And the FanTek Lego party. And my friend Sean's son Keiran's Birthday party. And, I am still not feeling good, Christine's shoulder still hurts like crazy, and we haven't done any shopping. And the lawn needs mowed like... my yard looks like an abandoned field. The grass is knee-high. So I have to cram all this in on one weekend. It's gonna rain tonight, so there's no point in mowing until Sunday anyway (while the temps are in the 90s!). We're going to try and fit in the Katsu meeting (in Laurel) at 12:30, stay only for an hour, drive to Keiran's (in Reston) by 3:00, then I'll do shopping, and then hopefully I won't be so worn out that I can't get up at 9am to do the mowing before the daylight gets too hot and my asthma kicks in. Unless Christine shoulder hurts so bad, she can't drive.

I really wanted to rest this weekend, after being nearly sick all week. Crap.

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