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Punkie Gets Programmed!

Well, we got up this morning, and we were like, "No way... nothing is getting done today. Bleah..." I didn't even leave the bed until 3pm. I feel so lazy. But Christine's shoulder hurts so bad, she can barely move, I am still partially sick and my cough sounds like I'm scraping pancake batter from the inside of a metal pipe, and CR is coughing but claiming he's not. We're almost under quarantine or something. We have no real meals in the house, and by "no meals," I mean we have food, but we're missing essential ingredients to make a meal. Like we're out of bread, so no sandwiches. Out of milk, so no recipes that require milk, no eggs, no salt... you get the idea. Worst? Out of trash bags and dishwashing soap. Our kitchen looks like the end of the party out of the movie "16 Candles." I keep expecting Michael Anthony Hall to be stumbling around my house.

I got my final Balticon programming schedule. Next weekend, we're on our way! For those coming to Balticon, and wishing to see me, I will be doing the following (this schedule is "finalized, but subject to the usual last minute changes" so check your program book):

Fri 5:00 PM Introduction to Anime: Every time I do this panel at Balticon, one person ends up dominating the panel, and since I am not moderator, I can't do much about it. I won't name names, but it has been brought up to me before. Last year was really bad because the girl who stampeded through topics never let the audience participate or ask questions, she just crammed in parts of DVDs and VHS tapes and left the audience confused. I will do what I can to really focus on the people in the room, and not the woman shouting about the AV equipment.
Fri 9:00 PM Is Fandom Still A Community?: Yes. Come see why I say that!
Fri 10:00 PM Fans: Are You Hopelessly Typical?: Mostly. I covered this when I did the "Politically Incorrect" panel a few years ago. They never did this panel again, and I have been forced to wonder if my topics were too controversial?
Sat 5:00 PM Linux and Open Source: An Introduction (as Moderator) Well, you all know how I am about this. The famous Paul Fischer will also be on the panel.
Sat 6:00 PM Beyond Toonami: Really Cool SF&F Anime: I'll be praising the works of the some of the greats.
Sat 8:00 PM Panels from Hell!: I have a ton of stories. I hope to tell two, like "Dick Preston: Any panel with him, even if he's just in the audience, because of a panel run by Dick Preston, and thank God he's interesting," and "Impromptu Sketches with a shy audience and one person who should have been shy but wasn't." Unless she's in the audience (I see her still to this day at cons). Then I plan to back it up with, "A Squid, a can of Tuna, and a bottle of Wesson Oil - Punkie Explains: When you are put on a panel with no warning, no time to prepare, and an exhausted Head of Programming desperately trying to fill time slots."
Sat 11:00 PM Genre Erotica: I am going to get my freak on! Okay, no I'm not. I don't even know why I am on this panel, but I fear backing down will threaten my manhood.
Sun 11:00 AM Has the Anime craze reached saturation?: Yes! No! Yes! Elmer Season!

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