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The Weekend Monolith

This weekend, I'll be busy. I have to go to West Virginia with my family, since we're going to see Fran and how he's doing. We also have to pick up some things for him and Debbie, because they are cheaper here than where they are.

We have to pack everyone in the wagon. The wife, me, son, two dogs, and a bunch of equipment. I had been promised 4 free 17" monitors from a friend of mine (his workplace is replacing all the CRTs with new LCDs), but he hasn't gotten them yet, so my surprise to give Debbie a better computer monitor isn't going to happen.

Debbie's computer got hosed. She downloaded some nasty Spyware (under the guise "get paid to fill out surveys"), and then they hosed her computer so bad, she can't connect to the Internet or anything. Of course, you can remove this feature with some software for $39.95 you buy from them... ugggh... I HATE Spyware. I hate what it does to normal users with tricks and lies. Especially praying on those who need money. I mean, I know that no one gets paid money to survey (well, maybe a few people do, but it's not going to be given with software), but the average person doesn't.

A lot of times, in the computer world, "those in the know" mock, deride, or dismiss the rest of the computer users out there. "God, how could you download and run an executable from someone you don't know?" they ask with the contempt of an aged school marm 2 years from retirement. "I am surprised you don't soil yourself right where you are sitting." I hate elitist crap. I mean, yeah, I do get mad at some people who make a dumb mistake now and then (especially if they keep doing it), but that's a problem I try to not repeat. I recall one comment someone made on a board about being an IT at a hospital, rolling her eyes with utter dismay that a fully qualified brain surgeon could not configure an e-mail client correctly. I'd like to see her do surgery, and get scoffed because she knows computers, so obviously, show knows everything else. No one ever asks me, "You know computers... I have a possible plaque-enduced embolism in a ventricular cavity, and I was wondering if the patient would benefit from a balloon angioplasty, or is that strictly a dilatation of an atherosclerotically obstructed artery sort of thing?" Because I'd tell them that a balloon angioplasty is only good for arterial walls, and would not recommend insertion of a catheter into a risky area like an embol... okay, I am totally making this up. Truth is, I would give the worst advice using medical keywords that I only have the barest hint about. I had to use an online dictionary to spell "angioplasty" right. So when Debbie tells me that MSIE asked if she wanted to install this software and she clicked, "Yes," I didn't roll my eyes in contempt or snigger with glee like a bully. I felt her pain. As she spoke to me, I looked up a lot of stuff she was experiencing on the web, and believe me, this Malware is a NASTY son-of-a-bitch! I might have to reinstall her OS at this point. I only got angry that my sister-in-law now has no Internet connection because some greedy-assed Spyware-making toad took advantage of her, not because she downloaded it.

So, while Christine is getting stuff set up with them on Saturday, I will be armed with a whole bunch of disks. I downloaded a lot of patches and fixes, but will also be I might be able to up her RAM and hard drive, too, while I am at it. I am also expecting a possibility that I have to totally reinstall her OS.

Poor Deb.

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