punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The new Livejournal

Some of you may have noticed the small change of the titlebar on top of the pages now leads to a different technical journal, my LiveJournal account. I have decided to have 2 separate journals because I have two different sets of readers: one who likes personal blogs, and those who want to know my exploits of installing Gentoo Linux or something. Actually, the second tech journal is for some "wow-wie!" tech nerd discovery stuff.

Joining Livejournal was kind of amazing. Tons of people I knew had Livejournals. I like a lot of LJ features, but I am always wary of journal stuff owned by a third-party group, because you don't always have the best control. I am not talking about features and the latest scripts, I am talking about outages, changes of contracts, and stuff like that. Well, we shall see. For now, this site will have all the personal stuff, essays, and junk like that.

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