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Las Vegas: Day 1 - The Beginning of the End

Here is my accounts of my Las Vegas trip. I had posted this in my Livejournal account, waiting for this webserver to come back up. Truthfully? It was kind of lousy. Not a disaster per se, but we were sick hrough most of it. I have backdated some of these entries so they'll go in order.

[Originally posted 2004-06-20]
The first day was pretty bad. Last Monday, I got a bad head cold. I got over it by Wednesday, so I thought, "Hey, glad I got that out of the way..." Then Christine caught it. I told her it would be over in a few days. Well, no. She got sick. I mean REAL sick. She got sicker and sicker as the days went on, and by Sunday, she was very ill. Our good friend Sawa agreed to house-sit for us, so our doggies and house were taken care of. She arrived on Friday, and was a good source of comfort while we packed. Because Christine had been sick, a lot of our last-minute crap got thrown totally out of wack. We had to find CR some new clothes for Tracie's wedding, and we didn't get to do this until Saturday, and we couldn't find anything that fit or didn't look like crap. We managed to get something assembled that looked okay, but it was barely appropriate for a formal wedding.

We only got 3-4 hours of sleep Sunday morning before we had to grab a cab and leave for the airport. We had to be there by 5 to catch a 7:30am flight. We were flying United Airlines, and I expected a LOT of hassles since they have been rated one of the worst airlines as far as service is concerned. Well, they were fine. They weren't rude, and they didn't give us a hard time or lose our luggage. Our luggage DID get beaten up pretty severely, but our luggage was meant to take such abuse, so all that was evident was the scuff marks and dents on everyone's luggage.

Christine was so sick, I didn't think she'd live through the flight. She was yellowish-green in color, sweating profusely, and hopped up on cold medication. She slept through most of the flight. We flew from Dulles to LAX for five an a half hours, then flew from LAX to Las Vegas for another hours or so. The seats were so small on the last flight, we barely fit. We got to Vegas around noon, went straight to the hotel, and slept.

When we woke up, I started to unpack, and found that my bottle of hydrogen peroxide (which I need for my teeth) had shattered. It was in a waterproof bag, but the jagged plastic pieces punctured the bag, and the HyPox leaked all over my clothing. Luckily, it only soaked through a few layers, and oddly enough, it didn't seem to bleach the navy dress shirt or my favorite Linux logo polo (maybe because it's only a 3% solution). It did make all my clothes smell like a hair salon's floor, though. I washed the really soaked clothing, and hung them to dry.

Christine was supposed to manage a limo ride for Tracie's bachelorette party, but she was too sick to get out of bed. We got everything sorted out, and Tracie and her friends had a good time. It was apparent to me at this time that Christine had a severe bacterial infection, which meant soon I would have it too. I have no resistance to such infections, so I did my best to take lots of echinacea, orange juice, and Gatorade. It didn't work...

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