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Las Vegas: Day 2 - The Wedding

[Originally posted 2004-06-21]
We woke up Monday morning, and Christine wasn't much better, but now at least she had sleep. I was starting to feel lousy now, and showing all signs of catching the same thing.

We had breakfast with Sean and Louann, and spent the rest of the day resting and preparing for the wedding. The wedding was at Treasure Island, and I thought was very tasteful and very well done. I got to meet Anders in person for the first time, and he's a hoot. I wish the both of them the very best. The reception afterwards included a really nice speech my Ander's father, a Norwegian former SAS pilot.

We got a lot of pictures in, but most of mine were blurry due to the fact that the chapel had a "no flash" policy. It tuns out that they have these sensors that automatically detect a flash, and then respond with several flashes of their own. They do this for their own camera system, but if you flash when they aren't expected to, the ceremony will get flashed brighter than a nuclear bomb test, and if you aren't expecting it, and you are facing one of the many stobes in the room (they place them in several places to prevent shadows), you might blind a guest, the bride, or the preacher. But as some of you who have worked with digital photography, or even webcams, might know, low light blurs a digital photo very easily. So just the bare movements of my hand shaking while pushing the shutter button made a lot of motion blur. Oh well. Christine and I got a lot of great photos outside the chapel.

But by the end of the day, I was feeling mightly low. Christine was looking better, but she had problems swallowing. We went to bed the second we got to the hotel.

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