punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Ibba sobba numbaa ind mybuh mubbuth

Well, the denist visit was fun.... not.

Okay, the issue is, I had a cracked tooth. It was one of the older fillings I have had which had split from nothing more than sheer age, really. The damage was not too bad, but I had to get a crown, which is kind of like this procedure where they take your old tooth, reshape it like a peg, and then slide a fake tooth over it. Right now, I have a temp, which is waiting 2 weeks for a permenant crown. This is the third or fourth one of these I have had in my life. The back of my mouth looks like a cyborg at this point, it has so much metal in it.

My dentist's office is really nice. A few years ago, we stumbled upon a really nice place witha really nice staff, and a very nice dentist, Dr. Sweeney. I sort of made a great impression with them upon my first visit, where I knocked down a door for them (a technician of theirs got trapped: story here under "July 19th"). Later, we made friends with Anya, a hygenist, who it turns out went to my high school a few years after I had graduated.

Today, everyone was really nice as always. But the procedure was REALLY painful this time around, and I had to get a TON of Novacaine (or whatever they use these days). Okay, not a literal ton, but I had to be injected 5 times before they could finish the work. And man, what a lot of blood. Anya drove me home because I was feeling woozy from all the blood loss (and it was raining), so I am glad I didn't have to walk home under all THAT. Normally, the procedure is not this arduous, but this tooth "presented unique issues."

I don't want to be around when the numbness wears off. I am still spitting (okay, drooling) a lot of blood, even an hour later. Maybe I'll just slam my head into walls to knock myself out. I better get started now, since 50% of my head has no feeling.

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