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Submission 2004

I did it.

I submitted my first piece of work to be published (in print) in about... oh... 10 years or so. Yes, with MSD. I am helping out with their new version of Game Master utilities.

Funny, this is exactly what I wanted to do in about ... oh, 1984. Same with GenCon. I would have figuratively KILLED someone to go back in 1983. I read some of the program items in Dragon Magazine back then and drooled with wishes, hopes, and dreams. It became like some kind of Mecca, because it would be another year before I attended my first real convention. Then I got older, stopped gaming, got married, and that was that. I am really going to be with MSD, but I am also sort of going as a kind of "thanks for the crap you had to go through" booby prize for my inner child.

I did sumbit two things to Dragon Magazine. Both declined. One was an article on a new race of creatures I had created and playtested, the Axark. They were a colonial lizard-like race with a queen lizard, and thousands of worker lizards who had daily lives like most people do, but they could not reproduce, and they ultimately had to live for the better of the colony. I still have their whole society to this day, right in my head. I might submit it to MSD someday. The other article was about gaming foods, and what worked well. I felt it was an article sorely needed, but they rejected that, too, with a form letter. At least the Axark letter was slightly personalized (it explained they had some sort of limitation on player races at the moment).

This never really upset me because by this time, all I ever heard about being a writer was the countless rejections you would get, and how you had to be patient. To get upset because you were rejected was whiny, and sorted the serious authors from the wannabes. But see, you have to keep submitting. When I got a "real job" after two years of virtual unemployment (1991-1993), my writing dried right up. It's like my writing career got aborted. It wasn't some money-making machine, no. In two years I bet I made less than $2000 total in book sales, articles, and stories. But again, you have to start somewhere. Trouble is, I didn't keep going, so I kind of have to start all over again.

That's okay. Writing is not something you can squeeze out like a factory machine. It's more like an orchard, and with plenty of time, attention, and patience, you can really get a good harvest, even if you have to wait a lot of years in the beginning.

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