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Hot Gaming Days, Fran's Last Party, and CR reaches 14.

The weekend started for me around Thursday, when I had to "steam clean" the carpets for Fran's wake on Saturday. Since Fran was cremated and had no funeral service, Christine needed a wake-like closure. I needed to get the house acceptable, and my cheap, durable Berber rugs were looking dim and dirty. I hate to use the word "steam clean," even though my carpet cleaner says it's a steam cleaner, because it doesn't use steam so much as hot water which you have to use quickly before it cools down. I know, I know, they make the kind that keep the water hot, but they didn't have that kind of feature available when I got this machine in 1998. Of course, I had to fix my vacuum cleaner before I could clean the carpets because the belt broke. But before I did that, I had to find the replacement belts I ordered a few months ago, which were left in my toolbox, which someone went through for a tool, and scattered everywhere (I *hate* that, when someone goes through my stuff, and rearranges things), and I think a dog got a hold of the envelope belts, and I remember seeing it last under a couch which I couldn't get to because the rec room was a mess.... And before I could do that... well, you get the idea. I finally found the bag that had the belts, fixed the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the rugs, washed the rugs with hot to lukewarm water, and then Christine got really sick, so I had to clean the rest of the house.

I got really sick on Thursday night to Friday morning, and called in sick to work so I could sleep off this horrible migraine. I felt better by the evening to attempt to finish the rest of the house. A big part of the job was to completely clean and sterilize the guest room. Fran, in his unfortunate and forgivable illness, had left a considerable mess. So I cleaned that room from stem to stern, ceiling to floor, and the room looked better than... hell, it looked better than I ever remember it looking. The former owners really used to a cheap paint, so while washing the walls with just warm water caused the white paint to run, when it dried... it kind of left it looking new. And the slight paint smell gave the room a new feeling. I even washed the curtains, so the guest room had a new room smell that smelled slightly like fabric softener. Just ready for any guests that stayed over Saturday night for Fran's wake.

On Saturday, Christine felt a little better, but not much. She tried to game with MSD and me, but the Game Parlour in Chantilly had their AC conk out, and it got really hot. So she left early. Then it got too hot for even us, so we left early. Kory, Allison, and Leah stayed for the wake, which was pretty informal. Moria, in her infinite goodness, cooked a wonderful spaghetti and garlic bread dinner for everyone. Then she bought stuff to make our own sundaes. Bruce and Cheryl brought fried chicken, and a lot of other people brought sodas, snacks, chips, and even cakes. It really helped get Christine out of her funk, and we had guests until 3am. But we had to go to bed because CR's 14th birthday party was the next... er, later the same day.

We woke up late, and cleaned up after Fran's wake to make way for a subdued 14th birthday party. It wasn't actually his birthday, but it was the weekend closest to it. Sean and Louann came with their kids, some of CR's friends from school came (those of you with summer birthdays may remember as kids the curse that you can't have many kids over because everyone is on vacation, camp, or something), and there were presents, cakes, and then a lot of video game playing. Later, Sean and Lou took Christine, me, and their two younger kids to Red Lobster. My food was good, but the place was really kind of run down, as I posted in a previous rant. It really didn't improve much since I last reported. The place is shabby, the bathroom had roaches, and the staff were having a staffing argument over diner's heads, kind of like some weird dinner theater experience. Sean and I made the most of it with humorous glances. Their daughter Scarlet (6) showed off her amazing math and pattern skills.

When we got back, we were exhausted, and pretty much hung out and went to sleep. Christine was having chest pains, so we thought it might be pneumonia, since she was exposed to pneumonia via Fran, and we think her antibiotics she got in Vegas were too weak to do any good. I am STILL having swollen throat issues, plus my jaw still hurts, and then I hurt my back helping Scarlet out of a tree. I kept thinking, "I am too young for these kinds of complaints." But Christine's sounded worse than mine, so I convinced her to go to the doctor the next day.

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