punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Now Widget's sick...

So, Christine returns home, then Widget gets sick.

We're not sure what's wrong with him. We've been noticing that since we got back from Vegas, he whimpers in his sleep. He seems normal when he's trotting about, but when he's sleeping, if he gets woken up, he yelps a high-pitched distress call. This subsided, and we thought he was just traumatized by being away from Christine for so long. And he was fine while Christine was gone for the last few days, but when Christine got back, it got much worse. He yelps like he's in pain, but we have been unable to locate the source of the pain with prodding or turning him about. But he's obviously in pain, which gets worse when he's been still for a while. Last night, he yelped about every few minutes when he turned over or was woken from his sleep. He's got a high fever now, so we're taking him to the vet. Even more $$$ I don't have. Great.

I don't need this. Why are the bad forces against us attacking our dog? That's just low.

I am real depressed right now, which probably surprises no-one. I had a stress headache for a few hours yesterday that was so bad, I went partially blind in my right eye, and could barely hear out of my right ear. It wasn't like my normal migraines, which, oddly enough, haven't been as bad in the last month (I have had a few minor attacks, but I think the new BP medicine is working pretty well). I knew it had to be a stress headache because if I moved my neck around, pressed on certain areas of my skull, and stayed upright, the pain wasn't as bad. Four Tylenol and a small nap seemed to cure it in the end, though. But after Widget got sick, I felt like some spectral fist plunged through my chest up to the elbow, leaving me gasping for air. I'm sure it's some psychosomatic stress thing, but my chest and whole body feel tired and shaky.

This sucks. This totally sucks. This sucks so hard, my skull and chest feel like they are going to collapse from the vacuum. God, I need a vacation. A 5-hour massage. Something!

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