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Bowling for Punkie

I used to be on a bowling team. Not a real league or anything, but a previous job had us go to the bowling alley as a team-building exercise on a fairly regular basis. I am not a good bowler, my highest score ever was 109. Today, I got a 64.

I was at Scarlet's 6th birthday party, along with Sean, Lou, the rest of their kids, and assorted family and friends on Sunday. It was at Bowl America. The party went as well as one can expect for a birthday party for a small child, perhaps even better because almost everyone was well behaved. Sean and I bowled a game, and he got 84, a score that he was ashamed of. Of course, I got a 64, so I must really suck.

Several odd "for the little black notebook" things happened today along with this party. The first was that when I entered the bowling alley, I felt kind of like I had been there before. I had this sense of deja vu, and the whole time I just sort of knew where everything was. At first, I thought, "Ah, all bowling alleys must be the same or at least have the same layout." Then, while getting food at the lunch counter with Christine, the older woman behind the grill said they had a new manager, and introduced him to me. That was weird in itself, until she introduced Christine and I as "regulars," and when we said, "Uh, no, we've never been here before," the woman (who seemed to have all of her faculties) asked if we had twins. When I mentioned I used to bowl with a company 5 years ago, she said she knew. It was really twilight-zonish. She then spoke to me as if I knew a lot of behind the scenes action, like "I started here in 1972, when you were little, and..." Those kinds of things. It wasn't scary weird, just... weird.

After bowling, we went back to Sean and Lou's house to open presents. Here I met the kid's 14 year old uncle, who it turns out I had met before when I worked with Lost Dogs Rescue. No wonder we all thought we looked familiar to each other.

Christine and I had been tired all day. Half the day we spent in a sleep-like state, and I swear I had several waking dreams. The most stunning occurred when we went to "On the Border," a kind of inexpensive Mexican place in Reston. It was just our family and theirs ("just the 8 of us"), sort of "winding down" for the craziness of the party and Sean and Lou's family, and I was watching Scarlet talk to her older sister Chance. I like watching kids communicate because it's more exaggerated than adults, and I like to make comparisons. Then, for about 3 seconds, I saw them both as adults, and Scarlet was hugging Chance from the side, saying, "We still have each other. Remember what Uncle Punkie used to tell us? That when we grew up, we'd be there for each other?"... and then it was over. A strange sadness washed over me, because I realized that someone must have died in that future vision. This so shocked me, I had to get up and go to the bathroom to compose myself. I am not someone who claims to have psychic powers ("Somehow, I always knew I'd never be psychic..." as the joke goes), but it was jarring nonetheless. What twisted part of my psyche burst that through my conscious mind?

Maybe I need to start bowling again...

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