punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

No Otakon for me...

I'm really bummed about this, but I got squeezed out of Otakon by those more able bodied people who can drive a car. Because I needed a ride, and because the Katsucon table was already overstaffed, and Otakon didn't give us a free table or badges this year like we give them (me, bitter?), I ended up getting dropped off the A list faster than last week's reality TV star. Another purple "honorable mention" ribbon for my entry in life. And no one to blame but me.

Part of my is kind of glad, or tries to be. Otakon/Baltimore is always hot, crowded, and expensive, I hear they are having a horrible time with their internal security, and I need to save money anyway. But in reality, I know I am saying the grapes are sour, I feel left out, and I am pretty miserable about it (and so is CR). It's like a low blow double combo of A: Not having enough money to afford going myself, and B: not being able to drive there and park.

The cascading effect of this is that Christine thought she'd have the house alone, so I ended up disappointing CR, her, and probably a few other people who are going to wonder where I am. I am hoping that this is God's plan, and if I went, I would have died, or been in some horrible situation, or missed some opportunity at work that I now have because I don't have to take Friday off.

At least Gencon is paid for. I took the whole week off because we're leaving on a Tuesday, and I took off Monday-Monday so when I got back Sunday, I could sleep in.

... still...

Won't you join my pity party? :(

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