punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Hello, Den floor...

... nice to see you again. I cleaned part of my den today, something I have been wanting to do for a while, and I feel a lot better about it. As some of you know, the way our marriage settled was I became the cleaner of the house and the things in it. Not that I am super-good at it, but I have been cleaning homes since I was 8, so it made sense to keep doing it. I have gotten better, but if I had to grade my work, I'd still give it a C, possibly a C . I tend to let things go a bit longer than I should, and my cleaning comes and goes in bursts of activity, followed by periods of laziness.

I have so many things on in my den, that added with the rec room (which shares the same circuit), if I use the vacuum cleaner in here with my computers on, the circuit breaker trips. So I have to shut my 3 boxes down, my monitor, and a few other things, then plug in the vacuum, vacuum (I keep this room pet free, where did all that hair come from?), unplug the vacuum, and power everything back up. Sometimes, it doesn't come back up, and I have to play, "Guess what happened to your systems when they were off?" Today's lesson: what if GRUB (the boot loader) doesn't give you a choice at boot anymore, and defaults to safe mode? Why, edit grub.conf, and make safe mode not the default! That's called a "kludge" and is just waiting for some later corruption to ruin everything!


But my den looks a bit better. I can see most of my floor now, and there are only four piles to contend with: the pile in the closet (close the doors), the pile on the work table (put in boxes), and two small piles on my floor (ignore). I even cleared my desk a little, and found all kinds of things I should have dealt with up to two months ago, but all these tragedies got in the way.

I hope the rest of the weekend is this boring.

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