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Yawn... and clean those feet!

My first day of Advanced Perl class ended yesterday, and so far, so good. I don't have much to comment on it except by the end of the day, my brain felt like it was hemorrhaging. I didn't sleep well last night because my back hurt a LOT from changing the cat box (it was nasty), and I had laundry to do anyway, so I have had about 4 hours of sleep. That's not abnormal for me, I'd say I have about 4 hours of sleep about two nights on any given week, but I would really rather not have that little sleep and then have to attend a hard core class the next day.

Because my ulcer is finally calming down, I want to stay off the Java Juice, but today is not going to be one of those days. Thank goodness I carry a pack of antacids with me.

On another note, I seem to have stumbled upon a new trend: people stopped giving a damn about their shoes. I started noticing it among the younger crowd a few years ago; people who wear flip-flops or those one-banded sandals. I am not talking about Burkenstocks, I am talking about footwear that I only used to see around swimming pools and beaches. I know it's the summer, but I see less and less shoes and sandals, and more and more of these cheap-ass dimestore flip-flops. But now it's like 75% or more of the population I meet at the supermarket. I have a message for a lot of you out there, mostly the ladies and teen girls:

Look, I am not one to tell people what they should wear and what they shouldn't, but if you are going to wear flip-flops in public, here are a few things you should know. First of all, walk properly in them. Stop shuffling your feet like you are ice skating. Next, and this gets to me, some of you out there have ugly, ugly feet. I never noticed this before, but now it's become such a problem, I feel I have to mention it. I am not talking about the feet you were born with, I am talking about fungal infections, soiled skin, cracked skin, badly trimmed or ragged nails, and the worst: worn toenail polish. Okay, I expect to see this on little kids. After all, a 5-year old shouldn't be expected to keep her nails nicely painted, they have a lot of other stuff they need to be doing, like running around and learning stuff. But when you are a 38 year old mom, and your big toe looks like the hull of an abandoned ship with 50% of the paint still peeling from age and wear ... damn. I mean, if it's that hard to keep it up, trim those nails, and leave them natural. I also see a lot of women with the brightest painted nails on dark skin tone, and that's just wrong. If you have an olive complexion, don't choose Coast Guard Safety Orange for your tootsies. It's not fashionable in any area of the country. Lastly, CLEAN your feet! Jesus, this is the major reason one should not wear flip-flops in urban areas: all that grime and pollution, added to the dried cracking around the edges, makes your feet look less attractive that a peeling painted statue one finds at discount carnivals. Would you go out with your face looking like that? This doesn't even mention the bunions, warts, and corns I had never noticed before.

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