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Party Weekend

This weekend went pretty good. I like getting used to no calamities.

April A. came by late Friday night/Saturday morning. She was still wide awake, so we discussed a whole bunch of stuff, from head injuries to how the brain works. We even discussed a bit about our pasts, and how we have dealt with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is currently April's specialty. She works with both kids and adults.

The next morning, I got ready for our "There's No Con - We Need a Party" party. Around this time, Christine used to host her Castlecon artist party, but because there was no Castlecon, we had this one instead. In attendance were my family, Sean, Lou, April, Dave, Kris, Mark, Bruce, and Cheryl. We had a pretty good time, and since it was pot luck, a lot of great dishes were brought in. Christine made her famous meatballs, and also made a cheesecake and a raspberry mousse cake. Dave brough some kind of chicken dish that was fabulous, and Mark brought some awesome cookies. I dragged out my Legos, and Bruce and CR built things while everyone else played games.

I also did some Tarot readings. I have not done Tarot in... ages. I was afraid the cards would not speak to me, but they spoke VERY loud and clear. I did two readings for two different people, and it wore me out. I can't divulge what readings came out, but one of them was really strong; one of the strongest I have done in ages. Every time I do Tarot, I wish I could do more, but the mental concentration is really taxing. I was tapped out by 2am, and went to bed. The party ended around 4.

Today, I have been mostly cleaning up, although it wasn't so bad this time because everyone else had mostly picked up after themselves. Christine had cleaned the kitchen pretty well, which was helpful when a wave of ants came in. I hate ants. I don't know why I pay Orkin, I have ants whether they come or not. All it ever seems they do is spray, and I spray, and I get the same results. Why am I paying $45/month to have them spray?

Oh, and thanks to Travis, I got 2 free monitors. Thanks, Travis!

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