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Linux - Review - Hakin9

This'll be short, kids.

So, I download this ISO for Hakin9, which looked like another security tools CD. It's apparently based on Aurox Live, but has a lot of security test tools, kind of like Knoppix-STD. Well, I downloaded 3 copies from 3 different mirrors, burned them, and on three different machines, they all halted at boot with "Cannot find /etc/init," and just sat there, flashing the keyboard LED's at me.

Hmmm... needs work.

I also went to see about Aurox Live, but the links on their site are incorrect. I *did* find the LiveCD here after some searching (when I got an FTP error "550: Cannot change directory," I realized I was dealing with sloppy non-checked web work). The version number I am downloading (at a blazing 2.2kb/sec) doesn't seem to be the same they have on the website, either. Man, I am not one to make Polish jokes, but... well... you guys can do better than that!

So I am giving Debian another try. When I last gave it a shot almost 2 years ago, I was really miffed that all the packages were way out of date (Gnome 1.4, Samba 2.0.8, etc). Turns out I need to change from "stable" to "current." That's unfortunate they chose to name it that way. It makes it sound like "current" is unstable.
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