punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Com'ere little boy... give daddy the naughty book... [pant pant pant]

Okay, this sucks...

This is why I fear security. This is why I hate being searched. Shit like this. Many years ago, before 9-11, airline security confiscated my Albuterol inhaler (needed to prevent asthma attacks). Why? "No aerosol propellants allowed in the aircraft." I have since been told by many people that this was insane, they have been allowed to take their inhalers, yatta yatta... I have heard it all. And since I hate being confrontational, I just hope I won't get an asthma attack until I am reunited with my luggage.

Then, after my infuriation wore off, I thought, "Maybe he made it up. Maybe this blogger just had a bad day and wanted some attention. Maybe they were stalling him for some other reason he failed to mention, like his winter jacket on a summer day, dark glasses, and thick accent. I have been fooled this way before." Then I feel bad for thinking that, because God knows how much crap happens to me that people give me the raised eyebrow. It's gotten to the point I've stopped telling people a lot of stuff that happens to me because it's just not worth wondering whether they'd believe it or not. But this guy's story seems ... well, fishy. I am not sure why. I have read it and reread it, and nothing he says sounds way out of line (I look for movie quote like moments, indicative of an exaggerated story), although I would have held the book aloft and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen who are waiting to get on the Ferry. May I have your attention for a few moments. Ferry security has deemed that this book, a gaming supplement in my bookbag, is inappropriate and wants to confiscate it. Does anyone else feel threatened or uncomfortable that I bring this book with me, sealed in my backpack? Or would they feel a security escort to be a better idea? A show of hands for those who do not care if I bring this book with me on the ferry." Maybe I have been fooled too many times, or stood behind someone who changed their story to a lesser version that really altered how I would have supported them if I had known. "How dare you hit my friend?? Oh, he hit your first? With a ballpeen hammer? And there's the film to prove it ... well, look at that ... yes, there you are hitting him, in a desperate flail to stop the deadly blows from crushing your skull ... sorry, I didn't know... grrrrr..." [this never happened]

But if it is true? First I said to myself, "this would be one of the first hints I have to leave this country." But then I thought about it. The security person was obviously a dick. Over the vast array of human history, there have been dicks like this security guy. I have met a few that have really pissed me off. Part of me wonders if the security guy really thought it was hard core pr0n, and wanted to "confiscate it" for himself? [pant ... pant ... pant] It reminds me of a scary question someone once asked aloud, "What kind of person reviews the child porn they confiscate for evidence? Who would volunteer for such a job?" You know they say that those who crave power only to abuse it will always seek positions of power. That's why a lot of checks and balances have to be put in place. That's why we must ensure that no one person has all the power.

And I'm not totally convinced any other country is any better off than we are.

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