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Odd's n' Ends

I had this big entry, and then Windows crashed. [sigh...] And it wasn't even some big news or anything, just a brilliant essay on the commonality of... okay, it was a lot "odds and ends."

Teach me not to use Linux.

The entry is courtesy of Kwrite and Firefox. All hail Open Source.

Bad Haircut, no Groomer Biscuit!
Our dogs got a bad haircut. Ahfu more than Widget. This news is actually over a week old, but we had the dogs groomed after putting it off for months (financial issues). We budgeted the expense, because while grooming may seem frivolous, it's about as necessary as a haircut and style are for most people. Our dogs have long hair that mats, and without propergrooming, they are stinky knotted grouches. Our normal groomer, Wendy, was out, so we got her alternate instead, and she sucked. First of all, we told her, specifically, not to shave the dogs, or even cut their hair. We specifically told her to shampoo and dry, then trim around the feet, ears, and their nails only. Instead, she also shaved about 50% of Ahfu's hair off, including most of his butt. Now, those who groom Pekes should know that their scrawny back legs should not ever be exposed. He looks horrible from the back. He looks like some kind of weird pig. I hope to God it grows back. For you ladies out there, this would be like going to a stylist to ask for your "dead split ends" to be cut, and ending up with a cut the WAC would be proud of. Widget almost got totally shaved, but luckily, Christine got there early and stopped it before it occurred. He would have looked like a Chihuahua had this happened. No tip for you, Lady.

I Have Olympic Fever
I know I hate sports, but the Olympics are somehow different for me. We saw the Opening Ceremonies on our big screen TV and were totally impressed and floored by the whole thing. I was really pissed off that they did narration over Bjork's song, however. Maybe some don't like her, but that's disrespectful to talk when she's performing. I wish I could have heard her sing rather than listening to Costas and Kurick blab like spoiled children under the bleachers, trying to impress the freshmen with their knowledge.

Did anyone see that Russian(?) guy dislocate his finger on the parallel bars? [wince]

NBC is shamelessly whoring themselves. I was half considering watching some of their new Fall line-up, like LAX, Hawaii, and that animated Lion thing, but now that they keep pushing me, I instinctively am turning my head to the side like a baby refusing sour applesauce in a high chair. I mean, dear God, people... And it seems that this year, the narrators are especially catty. Think you can do better out there? No? Then shut the hell up! Some people's segues are really bad, too. "We feel sorry for those suffering under Hurricane Charley down there in Florida, and speaking of winds, the winds of change are sweeping the ranks of the men's swimming finals..." Tacky, tacky, tacky.

And this is really disturbing: "Strict regulations published by Athens 2004 last week dictate that spectators may be refused admission to events if they are carrying food or drinks made by companies that did not see fit to sponsor the games." Okay, I know the Olympics are a franchise like Worldcon, but this is getting out of hand. The restrictions, which have drawn criticism from Amnesty International, are even harsher for the thousands of stewards and volunteers working at Athens 2004 who have been supplied with uniforms but no shoes. "We have to provide our own shoes and we were told that we shouldn't wear trainers with a bright logo from a sports brand which is not an official sponsor like Adidas," said one.

Great... that sound you just heard was Punkie's faith in international friendship deflating.

The Visitors I have Seen...
Let's see... on Saturday, Christine drove Rogue out to West Virginia, to see Rouge's mom at the hospital (she's doing better), and then Rogue stayed the night here. Then Sawa came over, and they all went out to eat. Then Sawa came back with Christine, and then Sean, Lou, and the kids came over, and we all watched the Women's gymnastic tryouts on our big screen. Good to see both of my Scorpion Sistahs again. Rogue can't be touched by another living thing for another year as part of her cleansing ritual, and Sawa got back from Witch Camp a few weeks ago. Sean is going to law school starting this week. I feel somehow spiritually behind. I may take my tarot cards with me to Gencon, but that doesn't seem like much.

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