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Gencon - Day 3 (Friday, Indianapolis)

Friday I woke up in even more back pain. Gaaaah.

I gave up on the deflated bed, and tried to sleep on layers of rolled-up blankets on the floor. But because I toss and turn, they all got messed up, and my back retaliated by forming knots in my shoulder blades and spine. This, in turn, caused me to walk crooked, so I got a HUGE blister on my right foot, which caused me to limp horribly, and then my right leg started to hurt right where the hip joins the femur. I thank God that I am wearing my "comfortable walking shoes." I think my steel-tipped Doc Martens would have ripped my feet apart.

We got up, ate breakfast at the "TGI Buffet," which went straight through Kory and I. We have since decided not to eat there again (that was broken two days later). I decided I HAD to find some place with chips and chocolate, and because of my back pain, it affected other parts of my health, and I found I got fever spasms, depression mood swings, and buddy, I needed chocolate. It also rained all day, which did NOT help my mood.

Quote of the day, from a t-shirt, "English does not borrow from other languages. It follows them down dark alleys, knocks them out, and searches the pockets for loose grammar".

Oh, and for the second day in a row? No hot water for showers. We got a message yesterday apologizing for this, but here it was again. It's really annoying not having hot water. And when they fix it, the water goes out altogether. I had to take my medicine with Mountain Dew Dark. Yes, Mountain Dew Dark. I haven't seen it on the East Coast yet, but it's a "Dark Grape" Mountain Dew. It's okay. Tastes more like Dark Cherry soda.

I worked the table again, but we had so many people hanging out around the table anyway, I left early with Heather's permission. I was bound an determined to get to CVS to get a heating pad and some chocolate. I got directions from a helpful lady at the Information booth, and her directions said it was 3 short blocks away.

It was 2 short blocks, and one LOOOOONG block with a significant gap between them for a huge war monument. The map the lady gave me was apparently not to scale. But, I ended up seeing a lot of downtown Indianapolis, which seems to be a big financial center. I saw a Schwab, Merril Lynch, Citibank, as well as tech companies like SBC take up large city blocks with their skyscrapers. But as a city... maybe I am spoiled, but it seems about half the size of downtown Baltimore, and there seems to be more of a distinct line between urban and the rest of Indiana. I mean, in the DC-Baltimore area, the urban sprawl gives way to the suburbs gradually, giving the city a much bigger, more blanket-like feel. Indianapolis is like a lot of cities in Texas I have seen; you know where the city ends and begins. But Indianapolis seems kind of clean and boring, too. It has a "generic new" feel to it. I did see a lot of really cool old buildings, however, some of which I have taken pictures of. The massive "State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument" is pretty impressive close-up, and I also saw old government buildings, banks, and churches scattered about the modern city. In one area, the lines between sidewalk and traffic circle are completely unclear, and I almost got run over by a cop because I assumed that the brick areas behind the cement columns were pedestrian only. Oops.

I was glad to see the CVS up ahead, and I luckily got there 12 minutes before it closed. I got my chocolate, some chips, heating pad, and the "Mountain Dew Black."

Over the last few days, I have met several people I haven't seen in a while, and a few I have seen within the past year.

Newton Ewell: One of Katsucon's three major artists, He's promoting his artwork to various companies, and getting a lot of hits.
Vic Martin: After being banned from a lot of east coast cons for licentious behavior in the late 1980s, he's changed his company name to "Silver Sword and Stone." When I questioned if he used to be on the eastern coast, he got real defensive, and some older Asian lady came up behind him and told me to go away.
Derek Cha: An old friend from my ancient McLean gaming days, he's retired military now (serious leg injury in the Gulf war), and has an ex-wife, and custody of his youngest daughter, whom I met. She's 11, going on 30. Damn, I feel old.
Steve from Anime Pavilion: I didn't recognize his booth, it was only 4 tables! He asked, "Whattia mean?" And I said "At Katsucon, you have--" "Oh, at ANIME conventions... yeah..."
Stemmi: A guy I knew from FanTek way back, he's still doing the gaming thing, still single, living out in Colorado.

...and a bunch of people who recognized me, but I didn't remember who the hell they were.

Quote of the day, from Heather, "Thank you for listening to WTMI..." I ended up making a skit about this, which almost killed her with laughter.

DJ: It's the top of the hour, and you are listening to WTMI out of Indianapolis, the radio station that give too much information. We just heard from Tony and the Pustones with their new hit, "Do my Fingers Smell Funny to You?" We'd like to thank our sponsors, "Billy Bob's Ass Cream: Keeps that Rim Pink and Fresh," and our new sponsor, "Wiggle's Wormz-no-Mor: Wiggle's new anti-staining formula can remove genital ringworm twice as fast as the normal leading brand. Now in a new vanilla scent!" Up next we're taking calls about unusual smells around the house, but first, here's the new hit from Smegma Frogs... My girlfriend has pimples on her thighs/I really don't know why/but I love her anyway...

Later, I was on the Villains panel with Chris R and Liz. We kicked serious butt. Kory has now stated, "Don't inflate your ego too much, but from now on, I want you on my panels." Yippie!

Aftwards, we ate dinner at TGI Fridays, and then crashed. I found out that we won't be leaving until Monday Morning, which means I won't get home until Monday night. Oh, bother.

Scott is funny as hell, once you realize 90% of his personality is an act.

I miss Christine, CR, the dogs, the cats, and my house and bed so much...

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