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Gencon - Day 4 (Saturday, Indianapolis)

Not a lot happened today.

Matt and Moria had a spare inflatable bed, and loaned it to me. Thank goodness, because with that to sleep on, plus my heating pad, I was felling a lot better this morning. God bless them.

I had the table for an hour, then a three hour break, then the table for two hours, then a one hour break, and then we closed. Honestly, I wansn't at the table as much as that because they always seemed staffed.

There was a lot of talk about Tynie being gone, and people having to do his demos (Tynie got a job, and couldn't go), and someone named "Bill" who got a girlfriend who, if the gossip is anything to compare, doesn't like us, and doesn't want Bill to be with us. Who knows if this is true, but the term "pussywhipped" was not used lightly by some of the younger employees.

I got some games Christine wanted.

- Beer Money
- Quist
- Lord of the Fries
- The Big Idea
- Summer Camp

When we got back to the room around 6pm, I just crashed. Heather came in after a "Knights of the Round Table" reading, tired from laughing so hard, and she crashed. Around 10, Kory called, told us to come to dinner at TGI Fridays, where we relentlessly teased Scott. He's a really proud Scotsman, and we make horrible sheep jokes at his expense, but he loves it, and gives as good as he gets. Scott seems to be the type of person who you abuse to be friends with him. Kind of like a 24/7 celebrity roast.

Then we went back to bed. I joked about how boring we were, going to sleep before midnight at a huge con, and Kory just repeated he'd done several gaming demos, panels, and the table and that shut me up.

Some random thoughts:

At Gencon, there are a lot of nerds, myself included. In fact, in a display I haven't seen since high school, some car full of guys on the way to a football game at the stadium next door shouted, "NNNERRRRDDDS!" at us as we waited by a stoplight. "Damn RIGHT!" said one of the girls next to me. But not all the insults were about nerds, some were from them. It amazes me how many nerdly people can be so damn rude. When you run a table, you see a lot of rude people. One of them was a guy who just ruffled through our stuff, ruining the displays, not putting stuff back where he got it from, and generally made a huge mess. He was also demeaning to Heather in a dismissive "I only care what you say if I asked a question" manner, and at one point, when we thought he had left, Scott hugged Heather and said, "Shall I punch the bad man and make him go away?" We didn't know he was still behind us. I don't know if he didn't hear Scott, or didn't care. In many cases, saying "Hello" was flat ignored, or even responded not with another greeting, but an dismissive affirmation:

MSD: Hello!
Nerd: Uh huh.
MSD: How are you?
Nerd: Yeah, whatever.

Damn. You must be a lonely person, lady.

Now let's talk about Utilikilts. I have seen their website many times, but they had a booth at Gencon, and were doing well. Very well. In fact, they sold out of their stock, and were taking mail orders by Saturday. On Thursday, I saw maybe 1 or 2 people in kilts. By Saturday, I saw several dozen roaming around. I think, and I may be wrong, that Kilts are going to become big in the "alternate crowd" pretty soon, and thus, get to MTV in a few years, then it will be a teen phenomenon by 2010. Just you wait. Hell, if I didn't want to worry about showing my manly parts to everyone, I'd wear them. They look comfy, and in person, you can tell they are very well-made.

I really, really miss the Internet. I never did find the "Internet lounge" but I heard you had to pay for it, and that made me even more angry about the whole thing. I am addicted. Pure and simple.

I miss Christine horribly. I hope she doesn't run off with our gay lover, Julio (the one we keep under the bed).

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