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Gencon - Day 6 (Monday, Indianapolis to Frederick in 12 and a half hours)

I got up feeling pretty good. We had been told to wake up at 5:00am so we could leave by 7, but that didn't happen. Scott said he was going to "kill the Irish bastard,"
meaning Kory, because we woke up at 5... but everyone else didn't get up until 7.

We HAD to leave by 9, because an Indianapolis policeman got killed in the line of duty a few days ago, and they were shutting down the city for a few hours, starting around 9.

Paul left around 8 with some friends, because he lives in Kentucky. We left around 9:30, barely getting out of the city before it shut down for the funeral procession. Scott, who promised to murder Liz if she played folk music again, was quelled because we literally talked, joked, and laughed all the way back to Frederick with no music at all. Somewhere along the way, Scott started dreaming about a place he used to go to when he was young, a place called "Steak and Shake." It was a diner chain, and he said they had the best burg--- STOP THE VAN!!! THERE IT IS!!!! We stopped for lunch at the SteaknShake somewhere in St. Cantonsville, Ohio. Scott was in heaven. Heather was so mad...

We didn't get to Frederick until almost 10pm, which was almost 9pm back in our jet-lag time. Allison was so happy to see Kory, we unpacked, and Jason gave me a ride home in his Chevy F41 Station Wagon. At first, Jason's car sounded horrible, and we thought we weren't going to make it. It turned out the power steering fluid ran dry while the car was parked for a week. Huh. Jason fixed that, and we were on our way. During the trip, I found out a lot about Jason's life, and I wish I had my head on as straight at his age (22). He's a bartender, but he's going to school, and has a 2-year plan of how he's going to manage his school and career. I mean, wow. My life isn't as organized NOW, much less when I was 22. What a cool guy. Turns out, he lives about 3 miles from me. Cool! I hope to see him at game demos.

Well, I got home around 11pm, and crashed. I gave out everyone's gifts, unpacked most of my stuff, but didn't get to do the laundry like I wanted, so I had to wear stale jeans and a polo shirt I have with a small hole that needs sewed the next day at work. Yuck.

All in all? Glad I made the trip. I regret a few things, like sucking ass at the table (I only sold 2 things, and each purchase required help), not going to as many events, being in pain and trying not to pass along my "bum factor" to others, not selling my book, and realizing it's really been a long time since I gamed. But, I'll do it all over again next year, and if I play my cards right, I can afford to get CR and Christine to come along.

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