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The Trio of Terror... not

Until today, the most kids I have ever taken care of alone at the same time was 2. I broke that record by one kid for about 4 hours.

Sean and Lou had to attend a funeral, and their nanny was out, so I got to take care of all three of their kids. While a tale of terrible antics of three children would have been entertaining to write, I am sort of glad to say that they were almost perfectly behaved children. It was not a surprise thing, so I had time to plan and think about it. I knew Christine and CR would be gone this weekend; they are at cousin Janita's house, which is some where west of nowhere in the middle of Virginia. I thought about the kids age, 10, 6, and 3, and decided that, since thew weather was good, we'd go for a walk. This would tire out the two younger kids, and give the eldest and I some badly needed exercise.

It was hot out today! But we walked to the shopping center, saw some pets for adoption, got some water, then went to Five Below and they each got something before going home. When we got back, we learned how to give massages. Chance, the eldest, already knew a little about how they worked, and she said her neck "tensed up like mom's." I tried to give her ideas on how she could make her mom's neck feel better, but I think Chance and her sister Scarlet just liked having their shoulders and neck rubbed. Keiran, who is 3, wouldn't sit still long enough for one, but who needs a massage at 3, anyway? I couldn't believe Scarlet wanted one, and she not only didn't need it, but I think I'll start saying something like, "Less tense than a 6 year old," because if I could get my back muscles as loose as a little kid's I am sure I'd be a happier man. I once got advice from a masseuse that said, "Massage a cat at some time, you'll feel the perfect set of muscles; loose and relaxed, but powerful and can get rock hard and strong at a second's notice." Scarlet's shoulders were like Jello, and I was jealous. Damn little kids and their lack of worry! :D Sadly, my arthritis prevented my from giving decent backrubs, even on the relatively small real estate of a child's back.

Massage is also a GREAT way to get somewhat hyper kids to calm down, and while I wouldn't say Sean and Lou's kids are hyper, I think I diverted some of their energy they might have focused on the "MINE!" factor little kid siblings have with each other (and to some extent, Chance, but at her age, she will alter behavior you point out that might reduce dignity). I also tried to add some anatomy lessons (a technique of self-relfections taught by my friend April A), but I don't think they were listening to anything except about how damage to the spine could cause paralyzation. "Really? Like how???" Kids and their quest for gorey tales...

So, all it all, a good day, but when they were picked up, I went to be to watch some Olympics, and fell asleep from 5 until 9pm. Rats. Now I'll be up ALL night...

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