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The Weekend and Month of Everything

Okay, Christine and I had decided, months ago, that if we didn't actually start planning redoing the bathroom, it would never get done. So we set aside the month of September. Nothing would get in our way.

Oops, "Tad and Craig's Excellent Party." Well, with the low money situation we couldn't afford to go anyway. I am bummed because I really wanted to go and hang out. I am jealous of all my friends who went...

Arg, Worldcon in Boston. Well, I couldn't afford that, either, and I hate Boston, right? When's the next one close to me? There's a bid for Columbus, OH in 2007. It's up against Japan, which, while that would be cool, I think will lose because it's far away, kind of hard to get around in, and a lot of hard-core sci-fi people are getting annoyed with anime. I can just imagine a bunch of us fat nerdly fen waddling around Yokohama, and the chaos it would cause. I recall when some fen went to Scotland... okay, that's another topic.

This weekend, a friend of mine I haven't seen for a while called. He's in town because his father's going through open-heart surgery. He has some important news for me that he can't tell me what it is over the phone because he's at his parent's condo and apparently he's keeping it a secret from them. Our phone conversations keep getting interrupted, and he won't tell me in e-mail because it's one of those, "I have to tell you in person" sorts of things. This is going to be interesting...

As for the rest of the month...

There was going to be an MSD meeting, but that's been changed to October.

Another friend of mine wants me to help set-up a LAN in his friend's house a few weekends from now. Knowing how this usually goes, this will probably get postponed or canceled. But I said I'd help out, and I should responsibly plan for it.

I have had to say "no" to two Renn Fest invitations for this month. We're going to go in October, though, when the weather gets cooler. "We" is my family, and friends Anya and Matt, who have never been to one. How the hell they could have never been to one, and yet lived here all their lives, is beyond me. This aberration must be corrected.

But so far, Christine and I kept our promise and not planned anything for this month.

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