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Bathroom Wrap-up: Labor Day Weekend

Well, not much has changed since the last post. Christine got sinus headaches on Sunday, and slept most of the day, whereas I got really, really stiff in all my joints in a massive arthritis attack. All my joints became stiff and sore, especially my hands, feet, and legs. I suspect its the high pressure front that blew through, and kept the hurricane well to our south. On Monday, we had to go shopping so CR could have new shoes for school, we could have food for the week, and Christine had to pick up medicine.

So thew bathroom hasn't changed much since the last photo. When we got back from shopping, Sean had offered to "be a carpenter" on our voice mail. Heh. No, Sean, we need demolition currently! :) I think I will try to do more cleanup tomorrow, since we have a lot of drywall and paneling residue in the tub.

While things have gone a bit better than I had expected, one problem has arisen: the tiling. The tiles around the bathtub are held together with razor-sharp piano wire and cement. No, I am kidding, but they might as well be! Once the drywall got to the tile, ripping the tile and/or drywall behind it was a chore! I have only managed to remove about 4-5 tiles worth of stuff. The problem is, the combination of tile and drywall makes for a kind of Tiled Kevlar-like armor. I tried smashing the tile (which is how I freed the toilet from the rusty metal plates that sort of held it to the floor - no worry, I had no intention of saving the toilet), but this was slow, and produced a lot of tiny razor-sharp shards that flew everywhere. This seems like a dangerous thing to have or to do, so I tried breaking the drywall behind it, but it's held fast to the tile. I think I will remove all the non-tiled drywall around it, and then pry it all out in one sheet.

I have located the source of the faulty wiring. It turns out that the electrical wire had been stapled in place. Hard. So hard, the metal has worn through the plastic coating. Not only that, but the wiring for two switches (lights/fan) and an electrical plug have all been put into one cramped junction box (it looks like someone jam-packed in a cup of spaghetti behind everything). That will be fixed as well. Once I have all the drywall removed, I will tackle this next, rewire the bathroom with new wire, put in proper junction boxes, and install GFCI outlets (now a standard in bathrooms and kitchens). I have done house wiring before, but that was a long time ago, and that was putting in new wiring, not fixing old wiring. Luckily I still have the tools and some printed guides.

Yes, I will be VERY careful.

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