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I don't mind saying I am a little pissed. The SysAdmin job, the one that was 99% sure, and was in the HR stages of filing paperwork... got shut down by a department-wide hiring freeze. No one knows how long the hiring freeze will be in effect, but the previous one lasted for 4 months (Dec - Mar). Sometimes they have been six months or longer. Or it could only be a week. In any case, they always do this before a big layoff, and it's September, so even though I have heard NO RUMORS about layoffs, the timing is right. This is always a major warning flag.

When the hiring freeze is lifted, I might be hired IF the team still has headcount, and then IF the job specs have not been officially changed. If they don't have the headcount, they can't hire me. If they change the specs, they have to open the position up all over again, which means I have to start all over again, along with any other candidates.

The worst part? Had my paperwork been submitted ONE DAY EARLIER, and we're talking a difference of 18 hours, this wouldn't have affected me. But the hiring freeze was stated (in secret) on Thursday of last week at 4pm, and my paperwork was submitted by HR at 10am on Friday.

My boss is overjoyed I am not leaving. Yippee. The people I was supposed to work with are livid, because this is HR's fault, and they have been trying to get this passed, stating the paperwork was submitted to HR way before then, but HR didn't get to it until Friday. It didn't work. I have been told to "stay frosty" (the exact words used by the guy who was supposed to be my new boss), and hopefully, this will be a short hiring freeze. If it's lifted soon, and the specs don't change, they will try again. See, this hiring freeze not only affects me, but their whole group, because they are short several people, and now they are screwed pretty badly. The guy who was supposed to be my new boss sent me several IMs trying to reassure me this is not his fault, and I had to reassure him I was not taking this personally.

But I am still massively depressed. Last night I gorged myself of chocolate and spent time alone in my den, compiling Gentoo on a busted computer, just to have something mindless to do, and to take out my frustrations on. This morning I don't feel any better. I almost didn't come to work, but I didn't want to be immature and unprofessional, but I'd be surprised if I did any actual work today.

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