punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Six weeks, disaster free!

Not to sound smarmy or anything, but this weekend is now six weeks with no disaster AND over 2 months since I was last sick (viral/bacterial). Yay! I know, I'm "tempting fate," but if I spend the rest of my life being afraid to be happy of good fortune, I will never enjoy what little I have.

I don't count not getting the job, because that was losing something I didn't have yet. I didn't set myself up for the fall, and while disappointed and a little depressed about it, there is still hope the hiring freeze will end at some point in a few months, after the layoffs.

This weekend, I will be doing more demolition, but MSD is having an emergency meeting, and I am going to that on Saturday. Christine is coming with me, which is cool. At work, we had a picnic scheduled for Sunday, but the last few years have been kind of a letdown because they stopped giving away freebies, they hold it at an amusement park where I can't go on a majority of the rides (heart issues), and Christine can't really walk around all that much. I can't go without her, it wouldn't feel right. Also, I used to go with a friend of mine and his family, and ... well, he was let go a while back, and it's kind of lonely now.

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